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Cloud Recruitment CRM that searches inside CV's & emails, and integrates with Office & LinkedIn automatically.

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Recruitment Software for an Easy Life..

Darwin® 1-Click is the easy-to-use recruiting system that connects everything together, seamlessly.

Right now you're probably swamped with administration or a system that slows you down. Data and emails are most likley in different places, and it's difficult to make progress. Sound familiar?

Yet as a recruiter you need to be fast moving with your finger on the pulse. What you really need is an easy-to-use recruitment system that seamlessly connects your entire world - candidate profiles, CV's, Outlook emails, your website, job boards... and even LinkedIn. You need online and offline information at your fingertips, no more than a click away.

Well 1Click from Darwin could be your solution. The CRM system is styled on Microsoft Office® - the most popular business productivity suite in the whole world, used by over 200m people and 90% of all staffing agencies. And you might like to know that Microsoft themselves helped co-develop the CRM software to integrate with MS Office® so your recruiters will feel right at home and hit the ground running.

How does it work?

1Click gives you a recruitment process which is simple, fast, & connected in the Cloud. You can access your data from anywhere (including smartphones & tablets) and data + CVs are automatically backed up for you. And the software is so easy to understand that the training only takes an hour - See for yourself!


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The 1-Click CRM Platform your Recruiters will love :-)

The DARWIN recruitment system is the fastest way to improve recruiter productivity and fees.

You can forget:

  • * Switching between systems because things are in different places
  • * Wasting time on admin
  • * Missing out on new opportunities
  • * Losing client or candidate communications or CV's
  • * Copy & pasting emails
  • * Keeping out-of-date spreadsheets
  • * Searching emails & CV's separately (or manually)
  • * Struggling when people join or leave

All of the above costs the business valuable time and money, and prevents it from making progress. Recruiters will spend far too much time on administration rather than picking up the phone and building relationships with Clients and Candidates. You may not realise it, but these kind of things are making your people up to 50% less productive.. almost like they are wading in quicksand.

But it doesn't have to be this way! Over the last 10 years we've helped migrate hundreds of recruitment agencies like yours over to an easy to use efficient CRM system, that enables your people to perform at their best.

Want to see how an organisation like yours could reach its fullest potential?

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