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The Evolution of Recruiter Software

By Darwin, the recruiting software provider

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History: Back in 1995 Mike Charter started a web design and new media business that over the next 15 years would attract clients on 5 continents, all through word of mouth. Clients ranged from small startups to high street retailers, banks, and airlines.

The in 2004 a £37m recruitment agency approached Mike to build them a bespoke recruitment system. They wanted something POWERFUL, FLEXIBLE, and above all EASY TO USE.

So to fill the gap Mike brought together a highly skilled software team and an experienced customer service team in 2006 - plus the might and experience of Microsoft - to deliver the Simplicity and Productivity your agency needs to provide a consistently high quality recruitment service.

Now: 7 years on, the revolutionary database software is in use by recruitment agencies in over 17 countries. Our software is currently in v4 and becoming one of the most popular packages in the world - check out our many testimonials here on this site, or on LinkedIn.

Our mantra is Great Software. Great Service.



Video Tour of Darwin®

Join Darwin CEO Mike Chatha on a tour of our easy to use recruitment software system.

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NB. Version 3 shown above - contact us for a demo of the latest Darwin v.5 ("1Click")

which is fantastic!!!




Some of Microsoft's top engineers worked on Darwin®

recruitment CRM case study

Your recruiters already know Microsoft Office.

So we decided to reduce the learning curve for your team and get Microsoft directly involved. That's right, they worked on our software with us and helped test it in their Reading Labs. If you get time you may wish to read the case study written by their top people.

Working with Microsoft was a lot of fun. Several of our competitors are 'Microsoft Partners' but they've never actually met or worked with Microsoft. Sometimes Microsoft's people would come down to our offices and we'd think "I'm sure that guy looks familiar..." only to look at the books in the development office and realise it was one of the authors!

And testing our CRM software in their labs was an absolute privilege. Microsoft's setup in Reading is truly an amazing place, with a real buzz about it.




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