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software features

Check out the CV parsing, LinkedIn and Outlook integration, 1-Click candidate searching, job board & website integration, and applicant processing!

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200+ million people rely on Microsoft Office.. your recruiters will feel right at home with Darwin. No more bland web browser applications that all seem to look the same and bore your recruiters back to facebook - this is fully featured Windows software that is connected to the Cloud.


microsoft office recruitmentIt's not surprising that this online recruitment software looks & feels like the world's leading business productivity suite, as Microsoft themselves helped to build this revolutionary application.


Using the CRM will seem like a natural extension of Microsoft Office.


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Download the case study on to see how the world's most successful software company helped recruiters like you to evolve.


Darwin® - the natural selection.

Candidate & Company Profiles at a glance..

Back in 2005 our CEO visited a recruitment software exhibition and was astonished at the lack of user-friendly products on the market. To perform even the simplest of tasks recruiters had to click through multiple screens, taking 3 times as long to do anything as one might expect. This drastically affected their productivity and profitability.


So one of the core principles of the team was to create software where everything was on a single screen, and functionality was only 1-click away at most.


So you can bring up a Candidate's record in under 2 seconds just by typing a few letters of his first or last name, and pressing enter.


microsoft office recruitment



The record view is at a glance, so you can view the history of every role the agency has considered the candidate for, all emails sent and received, as well as their CV and other information.


recruitment software interface


You've also can see any new emails and current tasks, and can drag multiple Candidates into an Action panel for 1-click processing.



microsoft recruiter database


If you haven't seen our easy-to-use interface yet, arrange a demo now!

Outlook INSIDE the database CRM?

Because 1-Click is a software application on the PC (ie. not a web application) it can access all of your programs, like Microsoft Outlook. Which means emails from Candidates are automatically processed by the system and stored on the records.


outlook recruitment applicationThis you literally have to see to believe. One click of the Outlook button on the Office-style ribbon and there's all your email. Green ticks next to the messages means they have already been imported into the appropriate Candidate's record.



outlook recruitment software



You can also parse CV's straight from emails!


parse CV


What are you waiting for? Click below and see for yourself!






Search profiles, data, email, CV's in ONE search.

Did we mention that Darwin is related to Microsoft Office? It should be no surprise to know that the software works well with all Microsoft Office file formats, plus a few more as well. The software natively searches inside Outlook 2010 or Exchange emails, inside CV's in Word or PDF format, even inside Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents..


recruitment tools


You can attach all these kinds of documents to records in the database, and in just 60 seconds they are immediately searchable (with keyword-highlighted previews) and accessible to the whole team.


And the software doesn't mind what its searching... Word docs, PDF's, Excel Spreadsheet, Outlook Emails... it searches them all and shows you a preview of what it found and where. And nearly instantly too.


The data itself is stored within SQLServer, the enterprise-grade database from Microsoft, and typically the software can search up to 500,000 records, notes and CV's and return results in under 1 second. Not bad!


Book a demo to see it in action for yourself. And if you've more than 4 consultants we'd be happy to customise the demo with your data so it all makes perfect sense.



1-Click to process an hour's work.recruitment process

The software makes light work of routine administration. Shortlist 10 candidates and send them an email, send 5 candidates over to the Client, add a note to those 3 Candidates, send my hot contacts an SMS, send an email to 2000 candidates registered in the last 3 months... and so on.


In v4 you can do these kind of things with just
1-click. That's 1. Click.


recruitment processing


There's not much else to say. Try it, you'll love it. Then go home early for the day :-)

Evenings are no longer for trawling LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can be a recruiter's best friend, especially for Executive Search. Normally an out-of-hours activity, recruiters would research the world's largest CV network and download the public profiles of potential candidates to a local folder ready for attaching to the system at work.recruitment ATS integrated with social media


Well, we've taken the fun out it.


In v4 you can now browse LinkedIn from within the recruiting software itself, and when you find someone of interest just create their new Darwin record and bring them into Darwin.


linkedIn recruitment software interface


Now you've got your evenings back, you might actually have to use that gym membership!

Automatic CV Processing.

Administration can take up to 40% of a recruiter's day, if they're not careful. Time that could have been spent bringing the fees in.CV parsing


So we partnered with the leader in the CV parsing field, Daxtra, to enable recruiters to create new records from CV's with a single click. Or from an email with CV attachment, again with a single click. Or update an existing record (you guessed it, with a click).


And as you know by now, any information created in or attached to the database is searchable by the recruiter and his team inside 60 seconds!


We hate administration too, but love being efficient and making money. Happy days.


CV parsing


By the way you can even parse a recent CV against an existing candidate record in order to automatically update it (updated fields turn yellow)




Darwin doubles up on Reporting.

The first type of Reporting is what you might expect from a company that works shoulder to shoulder with Microsoft. We implemented the best enterprise reporting suite money can buy, Microsoft SQLServer Reporting, and included it on every account at no extra cost to our customers.


recruitment reports


This allows us to create chart and tabular reports based on whatever criteria you want. "I want to see all Fees by Client in this Sector over the last 9- days" etc.


But as usual we wanted to go one stage further...



So we created Data Explorer, a live report interface where you could query the candidate database in realtime and find out what you needed to know.


recruitment database search


You can save these reports as 1-Click Views and drill down into records to read notes, view emails, etc WITHOUT OPENING THE RECORD!!


candidate search




1-Click vacancy posting to hundreds of job boards.

Job boards are the life blood of recruiters - we have to use them to get the word out.


So we partnered with Idibu, an innovative multiposter similar to Broadbean. job board post


Once the recruiter has an Idibu account, he can simply post out a vacancy to all his job boards by clicking on the post vacancy button.


As this software integrates with Outlook, the recruiter can check applications from within his Inbox view and create new records and perform other actions from there. Simples!


And as usual it's all built in so you don't need to leave your recruitment application and go elsewhere....


job board posting

Completely customisable... using drag & drop.

By now you've seen a few screenshots and may be thinking "But we need different fields to store our data.."



Well fear not recruiters, this is the most flexible
recruitment system on the market today.


We've built the world's first VisualForm Designer whichbespoke recruitment system enables us to customise existing form layouts or create new ones completely from scratch, using drag & drop.


We can create new fields, new tabs, new entire forms, or even new entire databases... all through the front-end.


Now try doing THAT with a cloud application!



Here's some screenshots of the customisation in action:


drag and drop form design



All laid out neatly, and pixel perfect for optimal usability.


runtime form designer


Our Customer Services team can handle the customisation for you, call us today!



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